Bikers Must Die

RE: Intel on Bikers Must Die and I

You've been cleared for introductory background intel on the two entities Bikers Must Die and I.


We are Bikers Must Die (BMD), a covert organization of motorcyclists who seek truth, perform good deeds and like to have stupid fun--under the radar and outside the system.

We are pro-freedom and pro-motorcycle.

Our operatives
are committed to improving themselves both as motorcyclists and as human beings. We're adventurers and do-gooders, and some have called us "superheroes on two wheels".

Our activities range from aiding charities and people in need, to traffic reform and safety advocacy, to raising awareness on issues of universal importance (like stopping child trafficking).

Our special operations are classified and
only shared with operatives on a need-to-know basis.

Our public-facing cover organization is Biker Burners.


Bikers Must Die
was created subsequent to a chain of events that began after the accidental release of a biological weapon in 2012 at Earl Naval Base (NJ) during Hurricane Sandy.

Its coverup led to a covert anti-biker operation by government authorities which began with the SUV-Biker incident involving Alex Lien and also included the WACO shootings.

Our organization's name is taken from a statement made by
a top government official (contained in classified testimony before the House Intelligence Committee) who went rogue and ordered an intimidation and assassination campaign of motorcyclists.

This unauthorized covert campaign (and a predecessor operation by the NYPD) has been implemented and aided by a small cabal of law enforcement personnel, agents posing as motorists,
and politicians.

Targets initially included motorcyclists who had knowledge of the biological accident at Earl, were speaking to the media, or were publicizing the accident on their social media.

This cabal's covert operation has since gone underground, receiving financing and political support from a handful of powerful elites.

They have since expanded their mission beyond bikers to target other groups deemed to be a threat to their interests and to mass control of the population.

The survivors of this anti-biker campaign founded our organization, Bikers Must Die. Here is the redacted excerpt of the relevant classified House Committee testimony that we named ourselves after--our nice, big, shiny FUCK YOU, calling them out, and exposing their motto.

They call themselves I, and this is their emblem:



it's a friggin' biker quest!

Dear KGBS Agents. Agent Ekaterina fell in love with a Bikers Must Die operative. She almost divulged that we continue to follow Lenin’s sacred path towards women’s liberation and equality. The fools can’t see past our tits, and ignore all our obvious communist insignia and ideology. Let’s keep it that way. As for Ekaterina ... she became a liability. In the meantime, the bitch who is responsible for this is happily riding around with her new girlfriend in the back. Do not let this happen to you! Since you are not allowed on Tinder for security reasons, the Directorate has been generous enough to allow you to fuck this stable of bikers. But remember! They are only for fucking! Not love or romance or divulging secrets! Carry on, noble amazons and daughters of Lenin